Creating a Sports Show – Part 2 of 3 – The First Hurdle


sports show

Sports Anime

In the previous post, we established the Premise of Creating a sports show. If you haven’t yet read it, then click HERE. This will look into the actual elements of a sports genre anime story, the order of events of which our protagonist or favoured sports team will pass through.

Be aware, from now on, this will contain spoilers to most sports stories.

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Creating a Sports Show – Part 1 of 3 – The Premise

So you want to make a sports show?

Sports show

Sports Anime

I hope by now you’re a regular reader. To which I say, thank you. If you are a regular reader, you appreciate my love for animation in all its variety. It’s a passion that did not leave me.

You want your children to feel like they can achieve anything? Let them watch a sports show. In my time growing up I’ve seen a lot of sports animated series. All were anime (Japanese Animation), but these shows always left me feeling that with practice, came success!

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